Taking Indian Healthcare services to the world

With the current generation around the world reaping the fruits of Globalisation, it is Medical Tourism that is being touted as the next big thing. As an individual, what a person cannot compromise on, is the quality of service, more so in the world of medical treatment.

Until a few years ago, the high quality medical service only revolved around the likes of the US or UK, however, it is the Indian subcontinent that has witnessed a large surge in the number of patients from around the world flocking to its doorstep, seeking healthcare services. Owing to this, Medical Tourism in India has grown in the healthcare sector at an overwhelming rate.


Why India?

 Facilities – with 347 NABH accredited hospitals and 23 JCI accredited hospitals, the Indian health-care system and infrastructure stands at as good as any in the world.

 Cutting edge technologies – The recent advancements in robotic surgeries, radiation surgery or radio therapies, transplant support systems, advanced neuro and spinal options are all available in India. The medical professionals in India are all quite comfortable in challenging themselves and pushing the envelope to provide solutions, always building on their expertise.

 Finest #doctors – India has the largest pool of paramedics in the whole of

#SouthAsia. With such a large number of doctors, there is a high level of

competency and adaptability to newer technologies as well as innovation for fresh treatment.

 Monetary #Savings – the highest level of quality with an affordable cost is a union of unbeatable advantage which is a unique feature of India. The

benefits reach unimaginable levels in treatments involving serious operative factors, as in leukemia, wherein the cost differs up to 10 to 20 times.

 Fast track – Zero waiting time – getting an appointment for complex surgeries such as bypass surgery takes as long as 3-6 months in some countries while there is zero waiting period in India, add to that the affordable costs that makes India the most attractive destination.

Connecting to the Indian Healthcare services through MediGuardians

#MediGuardians, holding its expertise in facilitation of kidney and liver transplant treatments across leading hospitals, is an online initiative to reach out to the patients globally while offering them the most trusted healthcare benefits in some of the most efficient destinations in India. The promising and dedicated group of professionals forms the crux of MediGuardians’ nucleus and it is for the deep understanding of the medical nuances that they are being held as the torchbearers of medical tourism in India.

MediGuardians, the front-runner in second opinions, enables complete assistance to the user by healthcare and travel professionals through an easy to operate and interactive portal. It helps one connect to the world renowned hospitals that are recognised by the Joint Commercial International (JCI) of the USA. Through its venture, Mediguardians not only provides you with a dedicated team to offer round the clock services, but also arranges for the pre and post arrangement stays for you and your family – all this keeping into account the requirements and plans tailor- made just for you.

What MediGuardians offers –

 Organ Transplant – MediGuardians is associated with some of the top surgeons and hospitals which have expertise in the transplantation of lungs, heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine. Patients can take a second opinion and compare transplant packages for elective surgeries

 Cardiac Treatments –Cardiology treatment in India is at par with any around the world and at affordable costs, hence more patients are choosing India to get treatments for various heart-related diseases. MediGuardians covers base on the following –

1. Non-invasive Cardiology and Diagnostic

2. Interventional Cardiology

3. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)

4. Heart Valve Replacement

5. Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery

Orthopaedics – MediGuardians helps you deal with –

1. Joint Replacement – total hip replacement, total knee

replacement, total shoulder replacement, partial knee

replacement, wrist replacement, etc.

2. Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery – limb lengthening, fusion of

joints, infected non-union of long bones, image intensifier, etc.

3. Spinal surgery

4. Arthritis care

5. Pediatric orthopedics

 Neuro and Spine – MediGuardians collaborates with the best doctors across

India and helps provide you the efficient healthcare services in –

1. Laser spine surgery

2. Cervical spine surgery

3. Total disc replacement

4. Lumbar spinal stenosis surgery

5. Carpel tunnel syndrome

6. Gamma knife

 Infertility – picking Infertility Treatment through MediGuardians in India

arranges for cost-free opinions from certain super specialty hospitals in

Invitro Fertilization (IVF), a procedure wherein the fertilization of ovum is

outside the body and is then transferred (embryo) into the uterus.

 Cosmetic Surgery – Today, most doctors in the subcontinent are using

minimally invasive techniques for plastic surgery, as in the case of laser,

which reduces the time of recovery considerably. Laser treatments in India

are highly preferred as they are available at affordable prices and the

procedures assures exceptional results.

1. Reconstructive Surgery

2. Elective Cosmetic Surgery


MediGuardians, with its association with leading health industries in India like Fortis Group of Hospitals, Max Hospitals in India, Institute of Brain and Spine, Global Hospitals to name a few is promising quality assistance to foreign medical tourists at affordable rates and hence reinforcing the ever growing facility of medical tourism in the country.

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