Royal Enfield Himalayan, not the first Royal to conquer the Himalayas!

“I was born in a middle class family, my bike made me Royal!” – Rishikesh Diaries

Royal enfield Himalayan

I was looking for a place to rent a bike for my onward journey from Rishikesh up to Devprayag and managed to find a quaint little shop to do so. But when I entered, a 30 year old Royal Enfield Classic 500 caught my eye. The owner of the bike wrote this on it and had kept it as a memory right inside his shop. I thought to myself, you don’t own a Royal Enfield, it owns you. Owns you for life.

If you have ever ridden a Royal Enfield, you know what I mean. And if you have owned one , am sure you will swear by it. Royal Enfield came to India in the 1950s and instantly took over the hearts of a plenty. Initially, manufactured for the army that guards the country in the toughest of the terrains the Royal Enfield became an undisputed partner for the soldiers particularly in the Himalayas. The grit, power and compassion that came with the bike soon percolated to the Himalayan dwellers and lovers alike. So when today Royal Enfield launches “The Himalayan” it is no less than a tribute to our beloved mighty Himalayas themselves.

Himalayan Profile

“The Royal Enfield Himalayan” a 410 cc power house as the company puts is a dedication to the mecca of motorcyclists – The Himalayas. Himalayan churns out 24.5 BHP Maximum power at 6500 RPM and 32 NM Torque at 4000 – 4500 RPM. Royal Enfield Himalayan is 2190 mm long, 840 mm wide and 1360 mm tall. It has a wheelbase of 1465 mm, ground clearance of 220 mm, kerb weight of 182 kgs, and a fuel tank of 15 liters. Himalayan is a purpose-built Royal Enfield is made for the Himalayas that uses the energy of the Himalayas and go with the flow rather than trying to over-power them.

When I read this and saw the video, my love, respect and admiration for the company almost quadrupled and now I just can’t wait to get my hands on to this new beauty.

The Himalayan as a bike lover is giving great vibes so far, the structure and built looks a lot leaner than my Classic 500 (not that I can ever complain about it), promises everything you need to take over the Himalayas and wants you to just hop on it and go take the roads less traveled.


The enthusiasm and the finer lines and details that the company has managed to put their heart and soul into promises a lot. It also sets the bar too high for anybody to follow and coming from the Royal den, I am sure this one will be a treat to ride.

The finer details that I am sure we all wish to know, can be read here.

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