Meat lovers’ paradise – Meeting joint Imbiss restaurant review

When you are in Bandra, Mumbai, you are often spoilt for choices by the number of food joints ready to be your host. It often becomes a task to zero down on something especially when the group is full of foodies. But if, just in case, all of you are non-vegetarians at varied levels, you must visit this small little food joint in the heart of Bandra called Imbiss. Trust me, you will be more than happy gorging on all the delicious varieties of meats available here.

What to order?

Imbiss has a list of delightful dishes and I would recommend to give most of them a shot. They have a myriad flavors from across the world in the offing.

However, to do what I must, here I list a few must haves from the kitchen of ‘Meeting joint Imbiss’.

Farmer’s smoked chicken

 This slow roasted smoked chicken recipe in black pepper sauce is a sheer delight. The chicken is always cooked just right in the sauce that is made of in chicken stew, cut onions and potatoes. Even though it looks like a lot of chicken, one portion is good enough for one person. It is light and you would not leave it once you lick the plate clean.

Pork/ chicken schnitzel

 This is one of their signature dishes. Schnitzel is a German delicacy and they make it fairly delicious. The flat chunks of boneless meat covered with a crispy coating of bread crumbs, eggs and flour mixed with just the right amount of spices are just sumptuous.

 The portion size is large and can easily be shared between two people.

The chicken/ beef ham burgers

 Looking for fresh and juicy meat burgers? This is the place for you. The ham burgers are large sized burgers stuffed with loads of flavors.

 The minced meat patties are topped with cheese and vegetables in the most traditionally delicious way possible. They serve the burgers with fries which however are average.

Chorizo rice with duck egg

This one is for the rice lovers. Chorizos are small pieces of minced pork used as the base with flavors of tomato in it. The rice is cooked to perfection and served with a side sauce. The duck egg is the same as any other egg though.

The smoked sausage platter

 This mixed meat sausage platter is a  worthy assortment of sausaged. They serve mutton, chicken and pork sausages smoked to perfection with an amazing side dip made of chillies and lemon. They have an option of a cold platter as well, but our Indian taste buds might not be able to accept it instantly.

If you like the Sweet barbecue sauce go for the buffalo wings. The dish will surprise you with its amazing layers of flavors. This place specialises in other exotic meat items like quails and duck meats as well. Do give everything a shot.

One of my readers also suggested me to try the baby back pork ribs. For her it was a permanent order. I don’t eat pork, so couldn’t have it. But here is a drool worthy picture that is itching me to try it.

What to drink?

They have a set of packaged drinks that I have had only here. Bavaria, a German beer, has its non alcoholic version here. All flavours are great but my personal favourite is the green apple one. They serve glinter and coke as well.

How to go?

Imbiss is located just behind the hill road. Take a left from the A1 bakery (another gem of a place) and another left to come to the road parallel to hill road. A few meters down the road you will find Imbiss.They have a branch in Colaba as well.

So, the next time you visit meeting point Imbiss, hog on the lovely meat platters, chill with your friends, click some pictures and thank me for introducing you to this lovely joint.

Just a heads up, I will be travelling to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand starting this weekend. So,  stay hooked to the updates as I show you the colors of South East Asia with my pictures, write-ups, stories and videos.

See you soon 🙂

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