Your little window to the flavors of the world.

Restaurant Review – Leaping Windows

This cute little cafe tucked near Yari Road Versova is sure to leave you and your belly smiling.

IMG_1832[1] The place is tastefully done and is indeed a window in to the world cuisine. The walls showcase a creative spread of things inside. And as the name connotes to me, this place can be a great thinking box for the creative minds.

The menu is extensive and if you are the one who reads the finer details of the dish you sure will choose wisely.

I ordered the ‘All spice chicken’ that they serve with tossed veggies and mac n cheese macaronis to balance out the spicy chicken breasts. The combination was well thought of and plated. The tossed veggies were a little over cooked but the macaroni made up for it.

IMG_1835[1]IMG_1833[1]The biggest surprise was the drink that I ordered. The Vietnamese coffee was a sheer delight. It had me at the mention of Vietnam (how much I want to be there).
The description also mentioned that it is served with condensed milk. Trust me I wouldn’t have waited for anything new like I waited for this beauty.

The base of the glass was filled with condensed milk (Tip – try it with milkmaid, it’s almost heavenly) and was topped with a glass full of chilled dark coffee. Trust me, it doesn’t get better than this.

The people are courteous and well behaved and the place is somewhere you can spend hours at. The French fries were a little too oily though. The burger that my friend ordered is a signature dish made of beef. It was pretty impressive as well.

With tons of flavours and loads of sumptuous cuisines from around the world, this place sure is a delight.

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