From just a foodie to a fit foodie with Holachef and Saffola

I am one of those who plan their dinners on lunch tables and Sunday brunches on Friday afternoons. For the likes of me, food is sometimes the sole reason why we hit the road and ditch anything that doesn’t involve a delectable delight.

But being a foodie comes with its own downside. We tend to eat a lot of unhealthy meals in the name of taste. So, when I heard about the Saffola Fit foodie menu on my favorite home food delivery app, I had to check for it myself.

I logged on to my Holachef app and starting browsing for that one meal that was visibly delicious, tasted delectable and was healthy at the same time. Without much delay, I picked up a meal I would crave for days later.

Indian Jugni food

The Classic veg Chowmein made with Saffola masala oats by Hola Masterchef Archana Doshi was a complete delight. It was far from being the boring food that we get in the name of health.

The quantity I got was a lot more than what I expected and ended up sharing it with my colleagues and all of them loved it too. In fact they called their friends to taste it as well.


This dish has actually made healthy eating from Holachef a mainstay food delivery app in my firm as everyone including me keeps ordering food from here. 

The food came in nicely packed containers without any extra cutlery (you can ask for it but I chose not to because it would go waste anyway)

The healthiest Chou mein ever!

The noodles were cooked just right and were deliciously stir fried with colorful veggies to make the dish even more healthier. The sauce served in a separate container was just the right consistency and fabulous texture. It tasted so good that I wouldn’t mind using it as a gravy for most of my meals.


I poured the gravy on top of the noodles and mixed them roughly. I also put the veggies on the side. The dish definitely tasted as good or even better than any restaurant.

After having this beautiful and sumptuous meal I can totally swear by the idea that healthy eating can be made convenient with Holachef and Saffola without spending tons of money.

Thanks to my favorite chef, Saffola and Holachef was helping me make a healthy decision for my fast-food wala mood.

Get healthy recipes on Saffola or just order from HolaChef.

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