Julia Child always said this. People who love to eat are the best kind of people. This coming from a person who was truly adorable herself, is indeed the most honest description of how I look, know and fall in love with people. You love eating We can be good friends. You love cooking? You are my best friend. You love cooking, eating and live for the love of food? Let’s get married. Ok! I know I am pushing it. But you get the emotions involved there right?

In the Indian Jugni FOOD section you will find the same love and passion in everything related to food. My #streetfoodoftheworld project is going to introduce you to the world of sumptuous street food from across the world. The articles on food theory explore the various possibilities in food including why you love or hate certain foods. Restaurant reviews abound. The recipes that I have personally created or learnt from across the world are going to inspire you to cook your way to a happy and healthy lifestyle. This section will also feature stories on packaged food items which no one is talking to you about yet. The stories from my venture will also be shared with you at every stage.

Yes, there is a lot that can happen here and that’s why I would also write about things you want me to explore and experience.

So, happy reading and happy eating! 🙂

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