Flambos – The happiest microbrewery in the party capital.

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Thinking of having a good time and not going too far from the city? Flambos is the place to be. Thinking of finding some of best food platters and not spending too much? Flambos is the place to be.

Thinking of having some freshly brewed beer with your friends? Flambos is the place to be.

Flambos , can easily be called the happiest microbrewery in town. Indeed, it has become the favorite hot-spot for both food lovers and beers enthusiasts alike since the day of its inception.  Located in the heart of the city, this microbrewery has everything you want on a Friday night or a any busy weekday.

I was there just before my big trip to South-East Asia and I wasn’t too sure of what to expect from the place but, the moment I entered I knew I was going to stay there for longer that I had planned.

The place has an appealing ambiance crafted in teak wood with high ceilings that makes the place look more welcoming and grand. The tables comprise of both small cozy tables for a private conversation and large noisy ones for a friends’ get-together. The staff was polite and welcomed me and my friends with a smile.

The menu looked comprehensive with choices that will leave you drooling. After a long stare at the menu and almost memorizing the multiple options, I settled at four best picks. The guy taking the order suggested a couple of changes, which I am glad of and we finally placed our order.

Ok! Let me begin like this – it was just brilliant much more than what I was anticipating. Some extra brownie points to the owner of the place who returned the watermelon and feta salad that we ordered because it was not plated nicely. He was always around, making sure everything was perfect.

So, by now you know I don’t drink but I had a gang who drink like a fish and were more than glad to be there. The best as they say was the apple cider brewed beer. Served in tall beer glasses, it indeed looked super fresh and had an aroma unlike all the canned beers out there.

The second on their list was the Irish stout. As they put it, it’s best if you enjoy the taste of a beer which has hints of cocoa and coffee. This was followed by the wheat beer called Dunkelweizen which had a hint of orange and creamy taste to it.

The food indeed was spectacular. I could have stayed there hogging as my friends enjoyed the drinks. The watermelon and feta salad topped with some balsamic sprouts, chopped spinach and sunflower seeds looks appealing the moment it landed on my table.  I dived into the plate full of colors and took a bite into it. I must say, it was one of the most brilliant salads I’ve tasted till date. Even as I write this after so many days I am salivating at the thought of it.

The second dish that I ordered looked like coming straight from the heaven. I was thinking of ordering a pasta initially but the moment my eyes landed on the Lasagne, I picked it up instantly. The Baked Chicken Lasagne was a dish that would melt in your mouth every time you took a spoonful of it. The cheese, cream, creamy chicken and the pasta sheets together gave out flavors one delicious layer at a time.


The king of all the orders that were on the table was the Sampler Non-Veg Platter. You get to choose any four from the list of things. Also, you might want to ask the service guy and trust him as he knows it best. We ordered the two types of Cajun chicken, tandoori chicken wings and baked potato skins chicken. The blackened Cajun was great, and so were the baked potato chicken. The rest were just fine as well. The chicken Nachos that a friend ordered were also topped with the same stuffing as the potato chicken. And that made it really yummy.

The best part is you won’t need any reservations to be there. Just drop in and feel happy. The food and drinks are pocket friendly with a classy appeal to the place. Also, when you are there get some of those cute looking things for your house or as stationary. They are kept near the bartender’s table. You might want to keep them as souvenirs.


I will give Flambos a 4.5 out of 5 stars. .5 stars extra for the care the owner personally taking care of everything.


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