Eye Spa, my perfect travel companion

A short trip to the Kaas Plateau, a valley of flowers

Travelling can mean different things to different people. For some it is a way to be one with nature, for others it is their way of feeling grounded and connected with their surroundings. For some it is their way of making memories of a lifetime, for the other it is their way of escaping the monotony.

At the lost party, Lonavala
But all of us alike, travel is a treat for the eyes and sometimes an equal trouble too. Being a biker and traveler I too have faced the trouble of things, and by things I mean all kinds of terrestrial to extra-terrestrial particles entering my eyes and the lovely flying creatures entering my wandering eyes. Oh and did I mention the absolute absence of sleep on all my journeys because I have too excited about what was in store for the next day. Planning and plotting my moves to get the best sunrise or the sunset.

The mighty origin of the Ganges at Devprayag
My eyes have taken the jolt and toll because my love for travel in every single trip I have taken. So, this time I decided to be better prepared because Lifezen gave me an opportunity to do so. About a week before I embarked for my biking trip to the mighty Himalayas in temperatures of -4 Degrees Celcius, I knew the strain my eyes will feel would be a lot. But with LifeZen’s Eye Spa (Yes it is actually a spa for your eyes or eye drops for eye strain) the story was different this time. I must mention that I did not do anything less crazy to disrupt the normal functioning of my eyes, instead made sure I made some of my wildest travel dreams come true. From riding at tempatures of -2 degrees celcius with a helmet without vizor and riding in the Himalayas after sunset just to make sure we had the best spot to see the sunrise the next day.


A beautiful morning at Chamba, Uttarakhand
The only difference this time was that after all the hard day’s work I let my eyes relax for 2 minutes with the incredible Eye Spa that would cleanse, revive and rejuvenate my eyelids and eyes. Eye Spa is a revolutionary new 2 drop 2-minute eye spa that cools, hydrates, and refreshes your eyes. It is a lubricant that acts as a replacement to naturally produced tears and provides long lasting relief from eye strain. It is one of the best eye drops for tired, itchy and dry eyes. After reading about it and the small manual that the product came with I found out that Eye Spa uses a well trusted, unique composition of sodium carboxy-methyl cellulose (CMC), 0.5% w/v solution that is the highest recommended formula by ophthalmologists. They are as they say the perfect drops for tired eyes.

Life Zen #eyespa

The product unlike the other eye drops in the market won’t leave your eyes burning or irritated further. Instead you will feel a soothing effect in your eyes. I felt the same and the superior after effects of refreshed, non-aching and revived my eyes to let me see the beauty of nature, the mighty Himalayas and fulfill my desires of wanderlust without affecting my eyes.

Sunset at worli sea face, Mumbai


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