How Affimity, the new kid on the block is flipping the dynamics of Social Media.

Everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand image. How do you want to be known as? How do you want people to see you? What is it that you want to stand-up for? What do you want people to perceive of you?

The social media platforms that keep us hooked for most part of the day are centred on the people you follow. This makes your social walls look more like matrimonial sites, unwanted celebrity updates and all things you don’t want to see or put your brains on to.

We have long waited for a social feed that gives us what we want instead of everything getting pushed on to us. Or rather bombarded on us.

Affimity, the newest social media entrant is changing the dynamics of how we consume social media by giving us what we desire.


For example if I love sports or travel or my passion lies in DIYs I will not have to browse for hours to find content that feeds my requirements. I will just have to choose my interests and then the world of your interest is your oyster.

Affimity is an interest based social media network that helps you connect with like-minded people from around the world. Unlike the big daddy social network that helps you connect with your long lost friends and batch mates and has managed to grab people’s interest for a long time now but it does not focus on your interest except in a narrow sense of the multiple groups you end up joining. On the other hand, the interest based networks like Pinterest and Instagram give you an opportunity to find relevant content but lack in the sense of creating a community for relevant interactions.

Affimity brings interests right in the middle and gives a chance to grow with its growing reach and great content opportunities. This is going to be particularly useful for people like me who are building content on specific interests and for specific audiences. Going forward it is sure to give me an opportunity to build my blog and my social reach for people who love my content and work. Affimity for me is something like Linkedin, Tumblr and pinterest put together with a reach of facebook.

Affimity brings more than 30 channels, each catering to a specific passion points- Food, Parenting, Smart Watches, Hollywood, Cricket, Jokes etc. and gives us opportunity to create a social blog of yours. I created mine and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the way things worked around it.

So, go out there and explore the world built around your interests. Join Affimity get the content and engagement you want for the interests that you want and make a brand out of yourself.

You can follow me on Affimity and get a daily dose of our common interests of food and travel right there on the Affimity feed.

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